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Welcome to Carrie Underwood Fan’s Video Vault, your first and only video archive devoted to the great Carrie Underwood. This is apart of Carrie Underwood Fan. You will find clips of Carrie from her career, photoshoots, appearances and so much more! You can find them by visiting the categories to the bottom or go to the tags sidebar and pick a particular clip from there. Carrie Underwood Fan does not claim ownership of any of the videos in this archive. All video footage belongs to its respective owner and no copyright infringement is ever intended. If you are the owner of one or several videos and are unhappy with the usage of said videos, please email us and we will remove them immediately. Thanks so for visiting and making the site a success!


  • Discography
    You will find all of Carrie's music videos plus behind the scenes.
  • Filmography
    You will find clips of Carrie's filmography.
  • Online Interviews
    You will find interviews of Carrie from online sources.
  • Talk Shows & News Segments
    You will find clips of Carrie from day and night talk shows as well as news segments that she is featured on.
  • Television Appearances
    You will find all television appearances such as concerts, tv specials and awards shows.

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