July 17 • Country Thunder Photos

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Carrie performed at day 1 of the Country Thunder event last night and looked amazing! She was the night’s headliner and put on a great show by rocking out and singing all of her biggest hits. She also looked amazingggg! Check out the hq’s and more by clicking the link below.

Also don’t forget to KEEP VOTING for Carrie in the 2008 Teen Choice Awards! She is nominated in the beauty/fashion section for Favorite Female Red Carpet Fashion Icon. You can vote every single day on all your emails. Voting closes on August 1st! Make your voice heard :) Good luck Carrie!

Vote for Carrie in the TCA’s Here!

July 16 • Carrie Underwood Keeps Track Of Her Journey

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Carrie Underwood is making sure to document her journey as one of today’s biggest superstars. The singer said that despite her busy schedule, she makes a point to record her experiences.

“I do keep a journal. I’m not great at it as in every night kind of thing, but I’ll write for a while at least once or twice a week and keep it updated, because I know how important it’ll be.”

Underwood said she also keeps mementos from over the years. “I love trunks. This is something quirky about me. I have trunks and I just keep trunks full of newspaper articles or backstage passes and just stuff like that — invitations, the hatch print things they have for the Opry. I have those and things like that. I just put ‘em in trunks. (I) date ‘em and stick ‘em in there.” Underwood performs tonight (Wednesday, July 16th) at Country Thunder USA in Twin Lakes, Minnesota.

Credit: KBS Radio + Margy Holland

July 11 • Magazine Cover Rumor

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Apparently, Carrie is set to be the cover girl for the September 2008 issue of Allure magazine out sometime in August. I am not certain that this is valid, but a received a few emails from fans about it.

July 10 • New Photos + Video

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TMZ.com spotted Carrie on the beach the other day and got some cute pics of her. She took a little vacation from her touring and got to relax. I put them in the photo gallery. She looks sooooo great!!

Beach Candids (17)

TMZ video:

Download here

July 09 • Site Fanbook

I have the amazing opportunity to meet Carrie on August 1st at one of her concerts, due to winning a meet and greet from the fanclub. Therefore, I thought it would be kind of cool to put together a nice gift for her. I wanted you guys to have something to do with it as well. I want to put together a fanbook for her and give it to her at the meet and greet. Read below to get informed on the details.

- If you want to take part and have something submitted in the book, then make a page sized 8 x10 or 8 x 5 inches. In pixels, the size is 1600 by 2000. Write a letter on it for Carrie. It can include photos, designs, etc. Be creative. If needed, you can make a home-made design and scan it. I figure that not everyone has a software program to make graphics. Make sure the size is 8 x10 or 8 x 5 inches, or 1600 by 2000 pixels.

 - Also due to the high amount of printer ink needed for this project, please try to keep the primary background color white. You may be colorful and include other colors within the graphic, but please don’t make the background all one color because that uses a lot of ink.

- On the graphic, include your first name, age, and the state/city in which you live in.

- Send all submissions to me at staff@carrie-underwood.org . The deadline for ALL submissions is July 30th at 11:59pm eastern standard time. After the fanbook is complete and given to Carrie,  I will post photos of the cover as well as the inside pages. For now, get making and send away! Thanks!

July 05 • Just A Dream Preview

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*Images Removed* - Sorry guys but I had to take the three small preview pics down per request of Sony BMG. Apparently the photos leaked and some people found them and posted them around the internet and they weren’t supposed to. But, the video will be out soon enough and we will be able to see it all then :)

Carrie’s video for her next single “Just A Dream” has been filmed and a few photos from the video were found. Credit to LessonsLearnedxx for finding them. I don’t know when the video will come out, but it will probably be sometime later this month or in early August. From what can be seen, it looks pretty intense. I am beyond excited to see the piece. Carrie got to play a leading role once again.

July 04 • New Layout

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Hey guys. Hope you all like the new layout…. atleast most of you. Thanks to Kayla for making it once again. I have a lot of cool updates to follow so keep checking back to this site. The pages are not all working yet because we switched to wordpress, but everything will be back very soon. If anyone needs to contact me, the staff email is staff@carrie-underwood.org. To all people who applied to be affiliates, I will go through all the forms soon and start getting back to as many people as possible. There are just literally too many. If I don’t get back to you, please re-apply. Thanks.
If anyone has the new Country Weekly with Carrie on the cover, please send in scans to me at staff@carrie-underwood.org. Also as a reminder, PLEASE keep voting for Carrie in the Teen Choice Awards every day!